Church Attraction

This occasion shows the traditionalism of Christianity. The ‘chembeduppu’is an occasion where all the believers offer ‘rice’ and this rice is collected in a divine vessel made up of copper. At the last day of the celebration this rice is used to make a feast for whole people gathering. People who dress up in traditional Christian wears take this vessel and round the church 3 times and then carry the vessel full of rice to the kitchen. The celebrations reach an end along by unhosting the flag.

Flag Pole
It believed who fulfilled his wishes donated a flag pole made up of gold. It is situated in the north west part of church. This exists as an honour to Kattanam Valiya palli.

Corner Meetings
During the 50 days of fasting, with the help of all the concerned members and believers, various programs are conducted. Then many versatile orators deliver speech with moral and religious values.
Kattanam Conventions
Before the main ceremony their exists a five days of conventions comprising of spiritual oration. The orators taking part in the convention are versatile.

Many religious persons and our forefathers lay in this cemetery. We remember them with prayers on every 2nd day of St: Stephens day.

Church Gate
Beside the ancient cross made up of stone lies the main gate of the church . Approximately 15lacs was spent to build this beautiful gate.

Church Bell
This bell weights 1015kg which is the heaviest one in Malankara. This bell tower is situated south-west to the church.