About OCYM Kattanam

Youth Movement is the spiritual organization for the young adults of the church, helping youth to enrich their spiritual experience. It also undertakes charity work for the needy from here as well from India. Youth Movement also caters to some of the social needs of its members by arranging get-together and entertainment activities. The youth movement at the St. Stephen’s Orthodox Church of India is in the budding stage. The organization has around 125 members. Youth Movement members actively participate in weekly prayer meetings and lead the last prayer meeting of the month.

With the motto of Worship, Service & Study, Youth Movement is working seriously in our church. There is only one unit in the church and it assembles in all Saturday after the evening prayer. In the assembly there is song, bible reading and prayer. After that members together by discuss about many topics. In this church, youth movement is the back bone. In all main programmes youth movement playing a good role and it is an asset of our church. In all year they help many poor people and they visit many patients and give support. Now Sri. Libin Varghese is the Secretary and Sri.Jimcy Varghese is the Treasurer of this movement.

Above all, the greatest contribution of the Movement has been turning out capable and outstanding leaders to the Church.

About Kattanam Valiyapally

St. Stephen's Orthodox Church, Kattanam popularly known as 'Kattanam Valiyapally' situated at the heart of  Kattanam - A calm and cool small town at  Bharanickavu Grama Panchayat,  Alappuzha District in Kerala is  one  of the  prominent parishes  under the  Malankara  Orthodox  Syrian  Church. There are about 1200 families and 8000 Members under the parish spread around Kattanam. The 178 years old church is a parish under the  Mavelikkara diocese of the  Malankara  Orthodox  Syrian  Church. There are three 'Altars' in the church.  The  central  one  is dedicated to St.Stephen, This is used for regular services of the church.  The altar on the northern side is consecrated to St. Mary and the altar on the southern side is consecrated in the name of St. George.  The church stands as a light house for the surrounding areas,  showering blessings to the devotees.

Kattanam St. Stephen’s Valiyapalli, a marvelous masterpiece with distinctive features contributed by modern architecture. In harmony with nature beauty and silence it offers the same harmony between different communities. So this church has become pride of Kattanam with 178 years of tradition. In the year 1009 (Edava Masam) the construction work commenced. This ancient church is full of blessings. This church has proven to be the symbol of royalness  and auspiciousness. Irrespective of caste or creed those believe in St. Stephen have got answers to their prayers.

Following the bells which ring at 6.00 a.m early morning, lamps are lit and the main doors are opened. These doors are closed after the evening prayers are finished at 7.00 p.m. Many believers who reach the church after the doors are opened get the blessings by offering their prayers till the doors are closed. This is only seen in Kattanam Valiyapally.